The Deep House

Haunted House Under Da Lake


Haunted House Under Da Lake


This is a very unique concept.  I’ve always thought the idea of underwater ghost towns was creepy and there’s so many out there.

The movie does a great job with character building.  You hate the boyfriend (Ben) and sympathize with the girlfriend (Tina).  There’s so much tension in the film, not only from just being underwater, trapped in a house, but also the unholiness that is trapped there with them. It’s got some well placed jump scares, but doesn’t rely on those heavily for the horror.

Can you say, practical effects??  Cause this film is full of it!  Even the ghosts or zombies, whatever they are supposed to be, were played by free divers, including an 11 year old girl  How amazing is that?!

I think there’s some more they could have done with building the mythos around the occult story, but it didn’t take away from it overall.

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